Nature's Trail Necklace

Nature's Trail Necklace - On A Wire Handmade Jewelry

Take a walk down Nature's Trail, a pathway created with illuminating beads and stones, that all connect to a 100% real, double tip antler pendant that hangs beautifully from the piece. Completely genuine, naturally shed deer antler from South Carolina. 

Don't worry though! All antlers used to create On A Wire's jewelry are naturally shed, meaning that they fall off the animal naturally, and no animals are harmed during the jewelry making process. These antlers found and used are a way of nature being able to shine in it's natural habitat and ways, through what we create and allow others to bring to acknowledgement of such beauty.

This necklace incorporates exactly what it's name stands for and communicates, it's nature's trail formed into a structure that let's its beauty shine far beyond what many could imagine.